Saturday, October 9, 2010

He has sill time

"Sri Lanka’s parliament yesterday revoked the seat of Gen Sarath Fonseka, who led the army against the Tamil Tigers but was later jailed after being found guilty of misappropriating funds."
This sentence is the ending of an article raising serious allegations against the republic of  Sri Lanka on human rights violations in the last phase of the Eelam war.

The present government under Mahinda Rajapaksha could eliminate the tigers. Sarath Fonseka's military leadership was undoubtedly essential to reach that target.

But due to the sin of being the presidential candidate against Mahinda, Fonseka has become a prey of retaliation. Mahinda is building a leader against him in Fonseka. Mahinda will reap the result! 

But this undiplomatic regime of Mahinda hasn't realised yet that they are offering facts to the world to lobby against Sri Lanka. If the government itself is raising allegations against the Commander of Army who led the war, the government itself give some sort of justification for the alleged human rights violations. For an example, taking legal actions against Fonseka for the so called white flag incident is like stripping in public.

This government which is treading on a path which it didn't pledge to walk is day by day winning the dissatisfaction of the people and giving birth to unrest in the country. 
But what Mahinda should realise is that history is full of horrifying dictators who ultimately realised their dream was false.

Mahinda has still time to stop the digging of his own pit! But in future it will be too late.

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